Ambassador Program & NFT Giveaway worth $64,000

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4 min readMay 17, 2022


Hi to all of the Cronospad supporters

Since you all know that we are very close to our launch, in celebration we are glad to announce 2 big community events.

  1. Ambassador Program
  2. NFT Giveaway worth $64000

Lets us not wait anymore and dive further into the details. We know you feel excited 😍 . Lets start

Ambassador Program

Starts 17th May 2022.

The Cronospad Ambassador program is being commenced by the Cronospad team to look for individuals on different Social Media Platforms (e.g. Youtube, TikTok, Telegram, Twitter and more) that can add great values to our project and help us reach out to masses and help us promote on a wider scale in DeFi and Crypto Ecosystem.

This is an open to all event meaning any Crypto fanatic willing to add value to our project and interested can apply. Ambassadors will be selected and rewarded based on their value that they are adding to our project.

What skills are we looking for in Ambassadors?

We are looking to create a team of Ambassadors with following skills

  1. Content Writers/Creators
  2. Local/Regional Community Influencers
  3. Graphic designers
  4. Translators influencers
  5. Community Leaders/Owners
  6. Community Engagers

What are we looking from the Ambassadors ?

  1. Help in Expansion of Cronospad Eco

Research and reach out to promising crypto projects that can be incubated, accelerated or launched on the Cronospad IDO Launchpad. Help us connect and partner to different projects that already exist in the ecosystem.

2. Social Media

Build a strong network with influencers, KOLs, bloggers, vloggers, and publications. Amplify Cronospad’s message on social media platforms.

3. Content Creation

Create blog posts, guides, videos, infographics, memes/stickers/gifs and other content.

4. Community Development

Translate the content, such as articles, blogs, announcements, etc., into your regional language and promote them in your local community through social media platforms. Help to clear queries of community in the Global Community chat of Cronospad.

5. Attend and Amplify events

Attend various events organized by Cronospad and interact with new members.

Privileges and Rewards given to Cronospad Ambassadors:
As an appreciation for all the hard work and contribution of Ambassadors, the team will be rewarding members with below benefits:

  • 1 WL to our upcoming token of Cronospad.
  • $200-$300 worth of tokens from according private round token sale
  • Provide suggestions and feedback about growing as a community by engaging in Ambassador TG group.
  • Exclusive access to team events and activities.
  • Recognition as the early and long-term supporter of Cronospad.
  • Many more future benefits

We are currently looking for ambassadors from the following geographies/regions/countries:

  1. Africa (1)
  2. South America(1)
  3. South East Asia (2)
  4. Indian Subcontinent (2)
  5. Middle East (1)
  6. North America (1)
  7. Russia (1)
  8. Europe (1)

NFT Giveaway worth $64,000

We heard Cronospad fam likes NFT, we heard you and here we are with an amazing NFT giveaways with Freebies, yes freebies 🥳.

Presenting to you Cronospad Genesis NFT Collection.

  1. Cronospad Genesis #1 NFT

2. Cronospad Genesis #2 NFT

3. Cronospad Genesis #3 NFT

4. Cronospad Genesis #4 NFT

Each of these above NFT winners will be rewarded with some amazing benefits and freebies.

There will be only 100 Cronospad Genesis Collection NFTs of which

10 will be Genesis #1 (each valued at $1000)

20 will be Genesis #2 (each valued at $800)

30 Will be Genesis #3 (each valued at $600)

and 40 will be Genesis #4 (each valued at $500).

The winners and holders of the NFT will be rewarded free token allocation (according to private round price and vesting) according to which genesis NFT they won.

Genesis #1 will be given $150 worth token

Genesis #2 will be given $120 worth token

Genesis #3 will be given $90 worth token

Genesis #4 will be given $60 worth token

This does not end here holding the NFT will also give you some amazing future benefits.

How to Participate?
Follow the three simple steps below:

1.Join our Telegram Chat and Telegram Ann, follow us on Twitter.
2. Like and make Quote Retweet (only retweet if participating in NFT giveaway) our Announcement Tweet.
3. Fill out the Ambassador Program here and NFT Giveaway here

Selected Ambassadors will receive an email invitation and NFT winners will be contacted via Telegram or Twitter.
If you are skilled in social media handling, marketing, creative designing, content creation, or community building, you are the right fit for the job!


  • Rewards are not guaranteed. You’ll receive rewards according to the contribution.
  • Filling in the form does not guarantee selection.
  • End dates for both the programs will be announced officially. This is open until we do not announce the close date.



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